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And this wild, mindless bet are accomplished!

The new banker, spoiled and you will frivolous, that have many past their reckoning, are happy on bet. In the dinner he made fun of young buck, and you will said:

In the 1st seasons the new books the guy sent having have been principally off a light character; books which have an elaborate like area, sensational and you will big stories, and the like

"Believe best of they, child, while there is nevertheless big date. We say 3 or 4, since you would not last for a longer time. Make sure you remember either, you disappointed child, one to voluntary confinement is a great offer harder to help you bear than simply necessary. Thinking you have the right to walk out inside freedom at any given time have a tendency to poison the lifetime in the prison. I'm very sorry to you personally."

In my experience a few million are a good trifle, you try losing three to four of the greatest decades of your life

Nowadays the fresh banker, taking walks back and forth, recalled this, and you can asked himself: "What was the thing of the wager? What is the good of this mans shedding 15 years away from their lives and you may my personal throwing away one or two million? Will it prove that demise punishment is most beneficial or bad than imprisonment forever? Zero, no. It had been the absurd and you will meaningless. Back at my part it had been new cpered man, and on their area easy greed for the money . "

Then he recalled just what adopted you to evening.