Magical moments

 We are also available at your doorstep


We are also available at your baby’s comfort zone. you can also enjoy photo-shoots with your family members at your home.


Pregnancy Photography

The best time to take maternity pictures is between 28-34 weeks and those are the great days to capture you at your most feminine. This is the best way to celebrate the baby which you are about to meet. We take all the safety measures and we understand the fragile condition of your most beautiful life-changing condition which you go through.


Birth Photography

The best time to capture the pictures of your newborn baby angel is 5-12 days after giving birth. The best is suggested to contact us before your baby is born and we will advise you not to wait any longer not more than 2 weeks. We take all the safety measures and we have been practicing from the last 5 years to make a baby pose in all the different ways in order to take mesmerizing pictures of your baby in a very very careful way.


6-9 Month Babies

As they take on a new milestone in their life of giving various expressions that are worth capturing like smiling and sitting up, hence the session is called 'Sitter Session'. The best time to take these pictures is 6-9 months. Sitter session is the most beautiful way to capture your baby's smile with those front tiny rabbit teeth, crawl and try to stand on their own. We take all the safety measures as we understand they can fall while trying to stand, so we do the photoshoot with the presence of an assistant or baby’s parents beside them to protect.


1 Year Old

It is a special photo shoot for the first birthday celebration of your little ones growing up. Messy cake, Bath time, painting, cooking..and so on. We have different themes to make this milestone very very unique and special. You can’t put a worth on your memories and your children. The thing about memories is they happen only once and you want to record that, and being able to recode it with a professional makes all the difference. We take all the safety measures checking for babies' health conditions like allergies and sanitizing props and clothes for the baby.


Group Photos

Having professional family portraits taken at least once a year. Time with your loved ones is worth capturing And on special occasions in the year, it’s hard to remember to snap photos in our fast lifestyle, let us give a chance to set up the shot for ones you would want to hang on the walls. Getting family photos done is a beautiful way to document your life in seasons.


Pregnant Belly Cast

The best time to get your belly cast is usually 3-4 weeks before your due date. A belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting pregnant woman's belly form. This cast of your belly will remind you of how your belly looked during your pregnancy and the special time you shared with your baby. This cast is specially made for pregnant women and it is not made of harmful chemicals and totally safe for the mother and the baby inside the womb.


Old Baby Clothes

After having a baby you are left with a cute closetful of clothes, which you share with your families newborn baby when needed. But you have so many favorite or stained clothes which you don’t feel like sharing, at that time you can create memories out of those clothes, and there we come in the picture for you. We create quilts out of those clothes which can be saved as a memory of your baby. It will be an overwhelming memory for your kid when they ll be grown-ups.