The truth about so-called “Sunni Islam”, one to its wizards won’t let you know. | Provide dos Sunnis

The truth about so-called “Sunni Islam”, one to its wizards won’t let you know. | Provide dos Sunnis

The truth about so-called “Sunni Islam”, one to its wizards won’t let you know. | Provide dos Sunnis

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This information is a follow-up on the topic of Oppression Of females Inside the (Sunni) “Islam”, that have concentrate on the right notion of nikah (eng. .

There are just two legal ic sunnah (Prophetic traditions) the Holy Quran; nikah (eng. marriage) and nikah mutah (eng. temporary marriage).

And you can lawful to you try [all others] past these types of, [provided] you search them [in marriage] which have [gift ideas regarding] your residence, desiring chastity, perhaps not unlawful sexual intercourse

And [together with blocked for you are] hitched girls except men and women your own correct hands have. [This really is] the fresh new decree from Allah upon you. And there’s no fault upon you for what your mutually commit to not in the responsibility. In reality, Allah try actually Once you understand and Smart.

According to real (Shia) Muslim and Sunni present, nikah mutah was oriented since an appropriate tradition by the Close of the many Prophets, Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ??????) himself:

So to have whatever you enjoy [from relationships] from their website, give them the owed payment due to the fact an obligation

Sunni collection: ?a?i? Muslim. From inside the Sunni “Islam”, it’s felt next (shortly after Sahih al-Bukhari) extremely real book pursuing the Quran.

Abdullah (b. Mas’ud) reported: We had been to the a trip with Allah’s Live messenger (Tranquility end up being upon him) so we had no women with our team. We said: Is always to we n’t have our selves castrated? He (the newest Holy Prophet) forbade us to get it done. Then supplied you consent we is always to offer brief matrimony to have a stipulated period offering the girl a scarf, and you will ‘Abdullah upcoming recited which verse: ‘Individuals who trust don’t build illegal the great things which Allah has made legitimate to you, and do not transgress. Allah does not such as for example trangressers” (al-Qur’an, v. 87).

Very getting anything you appreciate [out of wedding] from them, provide them with their due payment as the an obligation

Sunni collection: ?a?i? Muslim. From inside the Sunni “Islam”, it’s felt the following (shortly after Sahih al-Bukhari) most real guide pursuing the Quran.

Jabir b. ‘Abdullah and Salama b. al-Akwa’ said: Here stumbled on us the latest proclaimer out of Allah’s Live messenger (Serenity be up on your) and told you: Allah’s Live messenger (Peace getting through to him) provides provided your permission to benefit yourselves, i. elizabeth. to offer brief relationship which have ladies.

Thus for anything you see [of relationships] from them, let them have its owed settlement once the a duty

Sunni collection: ?a?i? Muslim. When you look at the Sunni “Islam”, it’s considered the following (after Sahih al-Bukhari) very real publication after the Quran.

Salama b. al. Akwa’ and you can Jabir b. Abdullah advertised: Allah’s Messenger (Serenity end up being up on your) stumbled on you and enabled us to package temporary matrimony.

Sunni range: Sunan Abu Dawood. Into the Sunni “Islam”, it is experienced the next (immediately following Sahih al-Bukhari and you can Sahih Muslim) most genuine guide pursuing the Quran.

Site : Sunan Abi Dawud 2110 Inside-publication site : Book several, Hadith 65 English translation : Guide 11, Hadith 2105

Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah: The new Prophet (?) said: If anyone gives as a dower to his wife two handfuls of flour or dates he has made her lawful for him.

It has also been transmitted by Abu Asim from Salih ibn Ruman, from Abuz Zubayr on the authority of Jabir who said: For the lifetime of new Messenger out-of Allah (?) we used to contract temporary marriage for a handful of grain.

So to have everything you take pleasure in [away from matrimony] from their website, provide them with their due compensation as an obligation

Sunni collection: ?a?i? Muslim. From inside the Sunni “Islam”, it is believed next (once Sahih al-Bukhari) really genuine book pursuing the Quran.

Ibn Uraij claimed: ‘Ati’ stated that Jibir b. Abdullah concerned manage ‘Umra, and now we concerned his home, while the anyone asked your throughout the something different, then it produced a mention of brief matrimony, whereupon the guy said: Sure, we had been helping ourselves from this brief relationships inside the life of the Holy Prophet (Comfort end up being upon your) and you may during Abi Bakr and you may ‘Umar.

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